Narrative Anomalies Orientation

元記事: rev.5

When Art meets Containment

Orientation to narrative anomalies and their management by the Foundation

I fought Don Quixote for two years. This is something that makes the eyes of neophytes shine.

He was responsible for one of the first major anomalous metanarrative crises that the Foundation had to manage, and this only in 2007. It was on SCP-4028 that I worked my way up in the department. Finally, all this to say that Don Quixote has taught me an essential lesson for my work. That's a funny phrase, isn't it? You'll understand why I love my job.

I will surely spoil the reading of the document for those who have not read it — yes, I sometimes read reports like one reads a novel — but we have never managed to confine Don Quixote. For almost three years we fought to cover the damage, to the point where I no longer accepted the new containment proposals, waiting for my notice of dismissal, resigned and tired.

Until the day SCP-4028 neutralized itself. Its story simply ended, somehow. This important lesson that I have kept as a mantra is that the anomalies in my charge are narrations. They obey precise codes, within the reach of any literary student, and it is on this reflection that I have developed my containment procedures during my career.

Here, I will talk about narrative anomalies exclusively, and we will ignore several concepts such as those developed by Dr. Swann in 1991, or the research work carried out by the Director Panagiotopolous, since this is not the topic. We will talk a little about my department and the methods it has developed to confine narrative anomalies. Believe me, there will be surprises, and you will have a more complete view of our methods and the types of anomalies concerned.

— Dr. Pierre Menard, Research Director, Pataphysics Department (Francophone Referent)

Table of Contents

  • Origin of Narrative Anomalies
    • Definition
    • Narration and You: Birth of the Noosphere
    • The Cliché and/is the Standard
  • Types of Narrative Anomalies
    • Anomalies of Narration and Narrative Anomalies: a brief history and nuances
    • Narrative Style Anomalies: Queneau Class
    • Conscious Narrative Anomalies : Cervantes Class
    • Reality Bending Narrative Anomalies: Navidson Class
  • Containment methods and strategies
    • First Contact and Recovery
    • Queneau Class: A Book without Reader is a Dead Book
    • Cervantes Class: Stylistic Incarcerations
    • Navidson Class: Final Cut
  • Special cases
    • Hazred Class: Narration as Passage
    • Narrative Thaumiels
    • The Language Bureau: What about Translation?
  • Conclusion: The Story Goes On

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