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アイテム番号: 5863

特別収容プロトコル: The Mallard Park Ranger Building is monitored by an automated video security system at all times. Any activities suggestive of organic life will be logged and reported automatically. The roads leading into Darwin County should be placed under construction indefinitely, to prevent civilian incursion. Entrance into Darwin County should not be attempted unless absolutely necessary. The Foundation will continue to fund Mallard Park State Wildlife Refuge until further notice.

The nature of SCP-5863 is currently unknown to the Foundation. The following proposed explanations are currently under investigation.

説明: SCP-5863 refers to Mallard Park State Wildlife Refuge, an Oklahoma state park established in 1997, and apparently run by the Oklahoma government, in tandem with the Department of Unreality. Mallard Park does not appear on any Foundation or government records outside of financial statements before its discovery in 2017, and has no staff, Foundation or otherwise, officially assigned to the area.

SCP-5863 appears to cause heightened levels of cortisol, adrenaline, and blood pressure in subjects viewing or aware of their proximity to SCP-5863. Symptoms appear to worsen should a subject move in the direction of SCP-5863. Foundation Agents who entered Mallard Park during the initial investigation are currently being treated for psychological trauma.

Despite its name, no animal life, human or otherwise, has been observed within or around the park.

補遺5863.1: Recovered Documents

No physical documents have been recovered from the Mallard Park Ranger Building. All digital documents recovered from the Mallard Park Ranger Building computers have been entirely content-less, with the exception of two files, attached below.

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